Benefits: Weight loss, Increased metabolism, Decreased hunger, Increased motivation & energy, Reduction of bloating, Improved skin & Healthy glow, Improved complexion, Enhanced stamina & fitness, Anti-aging and more.

All our products are Gf, Organic and Vegan!

Our researched blends of organic tea are ideal for slimming and weight loss. THETEA helps you to speed up your metabolism, burn fat and lose that stubborn bloated feeling. Teas are created using 100% natural, high-quality, and organic ingredients. Only our Night snooze cleanse contains senna. All other teas do not have laxative ingredients. We also do not use any additives, preservatives as opposed to other inferior tea brands. Also you get larger amount of product! If you buy a 28 day detox it actually lasts you for a month not for a week. Our goal is feeling happier and healthier. Feel the results in few days and see the results in few weeks.

Long lasting crash-free energy to assist with a busy lifestyle. Increase metabolism and stimulate Thermogenesis – your body’s natural fat burning state. Provide energy for cardio or weight training sessions. Appetite control to help keep your diet on track. Activate fat burning hormones to help you get leaner faster!

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